Information and pictures of model trams and more built from LEGO® bricks by Adrian Croshaw.
LEGO® Frame for Displaying a Tram Ticket and Tram Riding Certificate

Completed August 2018

Number of pieces: 149
Scale: 1:1
Time to design and build: 3 days
Dimensions: approximately 32cm x 3.5cm

When visiting Crich Tramway Village in Derbyshire, you receive a number of tram tickets depending on how many times you have a ride on the vintage trams during the day. There are also tram riding certificates available for purchase in the shop as an added souvenir, with spaces to fill in your name and the date of your visit along with a space to attach one of your tram tickets.

I had the idea to build a frame from LEGO bricks to display one of these tram riding certificates, with an extra space to display a separate tram ticket.

The design work started by measuring how much space was required between the sides of the frame for supporting the sides of the certificate and the tram ticket. Clear 1 x 2 x 1 panel pieces attached to bracket pieces were used to hold the front of the certificate upright, with some round tiles attached to brackets behind the certificate. This was partially inspired by a picture frame kit that the LEGO Company produced in 2017, set number 40173.

After some refinement of the initial design to get everything spaced nicely, the design was drawn up on the computer using MLCAD so as to generate a list of required parts. The computer file was also used to generate a set of basic instructions to show how the frame is built. The idea of using LEGO bricks to construct a frame allows customisation across multiple frames to display the different certificates available.

Click here to download the instructions for how to build a frame the same as the one pictured [4.62MB].

Tram Ticket and Certificate Frame Built From LEGO Bricks

^ The completed frame without anything on display in it. The total size of the frame is 40 studs wide and 4 studs deep.

Tram Ticket and Certificate Frame Built From LEGO Bricks

^ To insert a tram riding certificate, the top row of bricks and plates needs to be removed. The certificate is then lowered in between the clear panels and the round tiles. Once in place, the top can be reattached.

Tram Ticket and Certificate Frame Built From LEGO Bricks

^ The column behind the space for the tram ticket is pulled out to allow access to insert a ticket without damaging it.

Tram Ticket and Certificate Frame Built From LEGO Bricks

^ The ticket can then be positioned between the panels and the column refitted. It is best to position the ticket resting against the panels before placing the column back on the studs. In this photo I was pulling the column out to remove the ticket, so gravity pulled the ticket out as the column tilted back.

Tram Ticket and Certificate Frame Built From LEGO Bricks

^ Once both the tram ticket and tram riding certificate are both held in place, this is what the back of the frame looks like. The four stud depth of the base seems to be fairly stable despite the height.

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