Information and pictures of model trams and more built from LEGO® bricks by Adrian Croshaw.
LEGO® Lloyds Toys Lorries

Completed August 2010

After buying the LEGO City Truck set number 3221 and seeing there was a Toys R Us version (set number 7848) I came up with the idea of making a version in red to go on display in the toy shop that I worked in at the time. Lloyds Toys was an independent toy shop in Weston-super-Mare from 2009 to 2011, replacing the Toymaster store that had previously faced Big Lamp Corner.

To go with the red and white of the Lloyds Toys and Models logo, I built the cab the same as the previously mentioned LEGO sets but using red parts. I then used the white trailer from the Toys R Us City Truck and replaced all the blue parts with red ones. The Lloyds Toys and Models logo was printed onto a piece of paper to the correct size and then folded around the panel pieces used on the trailer to hold it in place without using any kind of adhesive. Eventually, I bought some custom 1 x 6 x 5 panels with the Lloyds Toys and Models logo printed on, however never got around to adding them to this model.

At the time of the photos, August 2010 when the lorries were put on display in the shop, the Lloyds Toys Lorry was missing the windows on each side of the cab that the LEGO version has, as I didn’t have any matching ones in red.

Lego lorry set 3221 and Lloyds Toys coloured version on display.

^ LEGO City Truck set number 3221 and custom Lloyds Toys and Models version on display in the toy shop I worked in at the time of building, in Weston-super-Mare.

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