Information and pictures of model trams and more built from LEGO® bricks by Adrian Croshaw.
LEGO® Model of a Snowbroom Tram

Completed February 2013

This is the second tram I have built with LEGO bricks and is based on a snowbroom works car. Many works cars were old passenger trams that were taken out of service and modified for works use, so the idea behind this model is that it may have once been a double deck passenger tram that’s had the top deck removed and had rotating brooms fitted under the platforms at each end for snow clearing.

Although this model is a freelance design and not exact to scale, I did base some of the features on photos of snowbroom trams that I had seen. The basic design consists of three windows on each side, with vents above, and open platforms like many types of tram had. The basic grey colour scheme was also a common feature of works trams on many tramway systems, so that helped make this freelance design easier to build.

To try to keep the scale closer to O gauge (7mm = 1 foot), I decided to make the LEGO model six studs wide and, with this being a static model, make the wheel gauge narrower than the standard LEGO Trains track (which is too wide for for O gauge scale tram track). I eventually decided to make the track for the display plinth 5 studs wide, but I haven’t measured it to see how close to scale that is.

Display plinth for a LEGO model of a Snowbroom Tram

^ The base for the LEGO snowbroom tram to be displayed on with the narrower track gauge than the standard LEGO Trains track.

In the end though, trying to keep the model to scale without doing any actual measuring, means that it is more than likely a little tall but it doesn’t look wrong with a LEGO minifig driver at the front, with a bit of a grim expression due to having to drive a tram with an open front out in the snow, and a guard at the back enjoying the ride.

Really, the brushes should be a brown colour, but at the time of writing, they are only available from LEGO in the blue colour used. Other details included were headlights using the recently released Round 1 x 1 Tile pieces and the controller handle, brake handle and some handrails on the platforms. There was also an attempt at representing the rocker panels on the side of the tram using LEGO tiles and I have used the same method of creating the trolley arm and base as I did with my LEGO Blackpool Coronation model.

LEGO model of a Snowbroom Tram

^ A side view of the complete snowbroom tram model with LEGO minifig driver and guard.

^ Another view of the completed model on it’s display plinth.

LEGO model of a Snowbroom Tram

^ A front view, showing the the driver not looking particularly impressed with having to drive an open fronted tram in the cold weather.

LEGO model of a Snowbroom Tram

^ My LEGO model of a snowbroom tram without the display base.

LEGO model of a Snowbroom Tram

^ And the same as the previous picture from the other side.

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