Information and pictures of model trams and more built from LEGO® bricks by Adrian Croshaw.
Other Displays
LEGO® Warehouse Scene on Display in LEGO Store, Cardiff

On the 2nd of October 2012, my scene depicting part of a warehouse built from LEGO bricks was added to one of the display cases in the Cardiff LEGO Store, located in the St David’s Centre in central Cardiff.

This was facilitated through the LUG Showcase program via my membership of The Brickish Association. This allowed me to have my model on display in the official LEGO Brand retail store within Cardiff for a period of one month, at which time my model was replaced by another person’s model.

A little over one month later, my LEGO model was swapped out of the LUG Showcase display on the 7th of November 2012.

A small scene in a warehouse built from LEGO bricks installed in the Cardiff Lego Store LUG Showcase.

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