Information and pictures of model trams and more built from LEGO® bricks by Adrian Croshaw.
BrickTram 2021 WordPress Theme

My BrickTram website uses a custom WordPress theme that I developed specifically to fulfill my needs. This page keeps a record of updates to the theme and notes of things that require work.

== Items to Look at ==

Scrolling of Navbar not quite 100% on smaller screen sizes.
– Seems to be due to tagline wrapping text onto multiple lines.
– Maybe hide tagline from view and move site title onto navbar when displaying on smaller screens.

Scrolling of content below Navbar not quite 100% when menu items start running on to multiple lines.
– May need to see if there is a way of adding a ‘more’ button to menu when it gets too far across screen.

Large area of empty background space is visible below footer on pages with little content.
– Either increase height of footer background to fill space or fix footer to bottom of screen.

Add Customizer options in Admin area.
– Allow customisation of header background colour.
– Add social media buttons to right hand side of navbar.

Adjust footer widgets.
– See if I can bring footer widget areas in to line with the content area.

Check translation stuff within template files is correct.

== Changelog ==

= 0.8.2 =
* Managed to get site title to change colour when screen size is too small. Need to find out how to make it visible or not visible at the point that that change occurs.
* Adjusted footer sidebar to allow widget areas to line up with the content area.

= 0.8.1 =
* Released: March 13, 2022
* Adjusted NavBar so that it doesn’t fix position when scrolling on small screens (less than 783px width). Long menus no longer get stuck just displaying the first few items in menu.
* Moved page titles to above featured image instead of below.

= 0.8 =
* Released: April 04, 2021